Tuesday, December 4, 2018

               W.A.L.T  make  a poster about manaiakalani.
    the one thin i found tricky was caming up !with ideas and     also finding out infomation about manaiakalani.The one thing i found easy was the background colors and all of the text box              and more stuff HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!

teo reo slide


W.A.L.T make a teo reo slide and make up our own questions in Maori
the one thing that I found tricky was. doing all the answers and questions but the one thing I found easy was getting the photos and stuff. here is my slide

Friday, November 23, 2018


WALT tell time and also make a clock  on a Google drawing poster .
I learned that the little sticks in between are minuets 

Friday, November 16, 2018


WALT: a quality blog post and also deciding if Halloween should stay or not I said  Halloween should stay this poster is about Halloween here are my 5 reasons why Halloween should stay hope you enjoy.  

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


                             On our camp we learned about                        chipp and also dont forget chipp

Friday, November 2, 2018

Te Kauru Camp 2018 (writing 2nd Draft)

Before we arrived at rainbows end  you could see the fear fall scary and tall. At rainbows end there Was a ride called the invader When I got on the invader there were these things that would push on your back. Then the person who locks the back hannist they come to check if it's tight enough so that. When they push the button you don't go falling out of your seat. on the invader you start swinging off the edges as you go higher and higher.There was one tour thing called manic house in the manic house.There was a lot of spokie bed rooms and in
Each room there was heaps of scary things like a fridge that had Human heads inside of it all so a prison and more scary stuff even a bedroom with an old granny sitting on the Rocking chair also there was a chair that you could sit on well we sat down holly took a picture.Then after that we
went on the roller coaster which gave you a lot of
Butterflies when you Went on the big dip that lead you to the big loop after the loop there was a bit that made your head hit the side of the
Bars which made my head a little sore.Sometimes the person who started the ride would let you go three times.After the roller coaster we went to the dodgems me
Nate and jayden beeped on crashing into each other after a while other people came to have a turn so we had to leave because the lady stopped the ride then. Holly Nate and kordal and daniel wanted to go on the FEAR FALL but me and Jayden sat down by the tables

Friday, September 21, 2018


- Coding (Snap4Arduino) and Arduino Boards
In Term 3, the students have been continuing their STEAM learning using the STEAM Electronics kits. They have been learning how to block code using the program Snap4Arduino. The purpose of this learning has been for the students to control one or more LED lights on an electronic arduino board using code. Each week the coding expectation increased and the students showed perseverance in achieving successful outcomes!
Learning Goal 1. To make an LED blink off/on by controlling voltage from 0V to 5V by programming the Arduino.
Learning Goal 2.  To change the speed of blinking to such a high rate that the LED appears to be dimmer.
Learning Goal 3. To make the LED fade on and off by varying the voltage

2018 - Term 3 STEAM - ‘Coding and Arduino Boards’ Reflective Questions

1.What was I learning and why?
           I was learning how to code and how to make an LED flash
           off/on.I also used an arduino board

2.What did I do well and how do I know?
            I made the LED go octurnaly and I can also make a
            simple circuit.

3.What challenged me ……?
           The coding and wiring everything together and using snap4arduino and I needed a lot                 
            of help to do the code and wiring

4.What would I do differently next time to make my learning more successful ….. ?
            Learn a bit more about coding before I try to do more and learn how to use a arduino 
            bread board

5.What have I enjoyed about the learning?
To make the LEDs flash and building a simple circuit out of salt doug and using a battery pack  and a lot of wires and I also liked to use the arduino board to make the L.E.D lights flash fast and go of and on had to know the positive and negative sides which  was the hardest bit when I first started